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The Power Of Negativity

Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is contagious”?

Well its true, not just for laughter, but for every emotion. Anger can fill a room just as much as laughter. It is all about how you perceive a situation. You can easily pick up on energies of other people if you quietly tune in. Body language can say just about as much maybe even more than words can. Paying attention to these subtle hints in behaviour is a great way to be aware of your surrounding so you are capable of creating something called a block. You don't want un-wanted energy coming in an out freely as it chooses do you? Not likely. My advice would be to start off by noticing the emotions around you and see how they are affecting you. You could be living with someone who has immense negativity attached to them psychically and mentally. They could be weighing you down without you even realizing. I first noticed this when I was living with multiple people in college as a young adult. I could feel the negative energy as soon as I walked in the door. People don't even have to be speaking about negative things to give off this energy. Your thoughts determine your reality and if your thoughts are nothing but negativity then your life and your energy vibe is going to look pretty similar in comparison. If you can stand on your own plane, and not let anything negative penetrate inward then you are successfully feeling you.

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